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Osteopath designed & recommended memory foam pillows

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Relieves neck and back pain

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Height adjustable memory foam pillow

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Improves sleep quality

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Improves blood circulation

Peace Pillow

The Peace pillow was created and designed by Osteopath Elaine Bennett to give you the
ultimate night’s sleep. 
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The high density memory foam supports the neck and shoulders at all time


Memory foam is anti-dust, anti-hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial


The unique scalloped hollow lowers the head and neck for correct spine alignment


The extra memory foam pad ensures the perfect pillow height for all sizes, or soft or firm mattresses
The elevated front edge supports the shoulder and neck and relieves tension


The front centre curve cradles the spine and neck in a naturally supported relaxed position


Reduced or eliminates snoring


The cut out front tucks under the shoulder and trapezius for complete relaxation and stress relief



Experience the Ultimate Nights Sleep with a Peace Pillow

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Eliminate back and neck pain with a Peace Pillow

Osteopath Designed and Recommended

The correct sleeping posture aids circulation, supports muscles and nerves, ensuring the correct posture for a more restorative sleep. 

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A tailored 

Not matter how tall you are or how hard or soft your bed, the Connect pad can be used to raise the height of the pillow for those with broader shoulders.. 

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Scallop & Contoured for the perfect fit

The cutaway design allows your shoulders to slide under the pillow and the front edge to cradle the neck, moulding to your shape for better support.

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1 year replacement warranty

We stand by our pillows and offer a 1 year replacement warranty for faulty pillows, giving you peace of mind and a sound nights’ sleep.

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Peace Pillows
For neck and 
back pain

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Nanodream Pillow Liners 
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Peace Pillow Back Care
Cushions and Supports for
Neck and Back Pain Relief

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SITACTIVE™ Posture Cushion
For Lower Back Pain 
& Core Strength

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Weighted Vests, Wrist
and Ankle cuffs

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How can I avoid neck pain during sleep?

Poor sleep posture can cause twisting of the spine putting tension on the muscles that surround it. This in turn reduces circulation, which causes muscle fatigue.

Find out how to avoid this pain when sleeping.
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“I constantly woke with sore neck and shoulders and was tired. Since my peace pillow that pain has all but disappeared and I can’t wait to get to bed at night to snuggle into my pillow, its so comfortable and my sleep comes much quicker and deeper”
R.B, Auckland