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Nanodream Pillow Liners

The NanoDream pillow liners are ideal for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies, or resperiratory problems.

New Advanced Nanofibres - Small, Soft and Safe - The Natural Dustmite Barrier


"Forget the standard micro fibre fabric". Revolution Fibres produces extremely fine fibres that are extremely long, and tightly bound to each other to form a dense, lightweight soft fabric . These fabrics do not contain nanoparticles and are made of medically-approved, 100% user safe materials, infused with the natural goodness of New Zealand Manuka to ward off bacteria and allergens.

No crinkling or plastic feel.
Never been seen in bedding before
Award winning
Up to 60% more breathable than cotton tight weave competitor
Enjoy a healthier sleep
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