An Osteopath is a highly trained specialist who works with a patient to address health problems and provide alternative pain relief by using their hands to feel the body’s “living anatomy” (i.e. flow of fluids, motion and texture of tissues and structural make-up).

Osteopathic Specialists offer a variety of non – invasive natural pain relief treatments as an alternative to those prescribed by conventional doctors. Most patients report a deep sense of relaxation, as hands on therapy soothes the body and makes subtle adjustments to relieve any pain.

Osteopaths use specialised soft tissue techniques, not completely unlike massage. However, massage works to relax you, whereas Osteopathy goes to the next level to get rid of the pain by finding the underlying cause of the problem.

From the initial assessment of your problem, through all treatments, an Osteopath’s skills and training allows for assessment of tissue problems right through to the deepest muscle groups. They can even feel minute movements of the skull joints, a technique used in Cranial Osteopathy.

Osteopathy works with the body’s natural tendency for a state of health and homeostasis. Working with movement of tissues allows your body to continue repairing and healing itself. Suggested stretching and exercise may be prescribed to aid and enhance the healing process, according to your particular problem and environment.

Osteopathy is the fastest growing health profession in the U.S. and abroad. Founded by Andrew Taylor Still in the 1880’s in the U.S, It has been used in New Zealand since the 1930’s.

There are currently around 330 registered practising Osteopaths in New Zealand. Osteopaths have been regulated under the Health Practioners Competency Act since 2004.

Osteopathy provides natural pain relief through diagnosis, treatment and advice, without the use of drugs. Help your body to heal itself and to reach your health and wellness goals today.