Sleep Tips

As recommended by experts in the field of sleep.


  1. Purchase a Peace Pillow!
  2. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. Try not to ‘sleep in’ at weekends as it disrupt the pattern for the week ahead.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol close to bedtime. Alcohol keeps your brain in light sleep and you have trouble getting to the deep sleep and REM stages. Arousals due to alcohol cause sweating, headaches and intense dreaming.
  4. Avoid caffeine in the evening as it acts as a stimulant. Contained in some soft drinks, coffee, non herbal teas, some pain relievers and diet drugs. It increases the amount of times you wake at night and reduces the total hours of sleep.
  5. Purchase your partner a Peace Pillow!
  6. Avoid nicotine in the evening, it is in both cigarettes and patches. It acts as a stimulant.
  7. Do not eat heavy meals before bed time , this stresses the digestive system at a time when it should be relaxed. But do not go to bed feeling hungry, some light carbohydrates and dairy such as plain biscuit and warm milk (or herbal tea) are advised. Chamomile tea is mostly recommended. Not too much fluid as a full bladder will interrupt that precious sleep.
  8. Use your bed for rest and sleep. Not as an office, to watch TV, video games, mobile phone etc.
  9. Exercise at least 30 mins per day but not for 3 hours before bed time apart for some gentle , relaxing stretches if calming.
  10. Put work aside 2 hours before bed.
  11. Did we mention the Peace Pillow?
  12. Do not make bed time the time to solve the world’s problems .Write down a ‘to do’ or worry list before you go to bed so you clear your mind.
  13. Keep the bedroom quiet, dark and at a comfortable temperature. Too cool or too warm will affect your sleep.
  14. Develop a relaxing routine before bed, this could include a warm bath, soothing music, light reading etc.
  15. Take regular breaks or holidays, do not forget to bring with your Peace Pillow!
  16. Do not lie in bed awake! If you cannot fall asleep by 30 mins go to another room and do something restful until tired. Do not read in bed, get up and do this in a chair. It is bad for your posture.
  17. Don’t have a visible clock that you can “clock watch”
  18. Don’t nap during the day if you have trouble sleeping at night. It will only compound your problems.
  19. If you need to get up at night do not turn on bright lights. Intense light can reset your internal clock and make it harder to get back to sleep. (circadian rhythm)
  20. Use Peace Pillows Lavender Slumber Mist liberally around the bedroom.
  21. Avoid sleeping with your pet, their movements and your allergies can decrease the quality of sleep.
  22. Know the side effects of your medications as some can make falling asleep more difficult.
    Consider meditation techniques, yoga, soothing music etc. to help you feel relaxed and sleepy.
  23. Ensure that you have a comfortable mattress and bed linen. Synthetic fabrics can make you overheat and wake you. Fresh air is important but avoid draughts. Consider the Peace Pillow
  24. Silk Satin Beauty Pillow Cover.
  25. Most importantly, use good sleep posture and of course a PEACE PILLOW.