Viscoelastic memory foam was developed by NASA to relieve pressure during spaceflight.

Memory foam’s unique ability to compress and then rebound slowly to mould around the contours of the neck and head make it ideal for use in a supportive pillow.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the quick delivery of my peace pillow ! I was skeptical this would work but with weeks of broken sleep, I have had a great night with no pain or tingling in my arm. I wish I had ordered one sooner. I would recommend anyone who has had a cervical spinal fusion to invest in one of these pillows. The way it is molded supports your neck perfectly.”


“I was skeptical after previously wasting money on a different brand of pillow, which actually GAVE me neck problems. I spent hundreds on an osteopath and massages to no avail. After a few nights sleeping on the peace pillow, my neck pain was completely gone. I have honestly slept better than I have in years. The neck contour supports your neck perfectly and the rise is not too high. I am so glad I made the investment in this pillow, well worth it to feel pain-free and refreshed every day.”

Daniella NZ 2018

“I got my new Peace Pillow last week – LOVE it. Thank you!”

P.G. Australia

“After just one night I woke up with barely any neck and back pain. Second morning I woke up with no pain and I have been pain free all day. I can’t remember the last time I had a day free of pain.I am rapt to say the least…Anyone who wakes up with neck and back pain should rush in and buy a Peace pillow NOW!”

J.P. New Zealand

“Thank you very much, the pillow arrived yesterday, it didn’t take very long. And I love it!”

R.B. New Zealand

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Peace Pillow and can’t do without it….
Thanks for inventing such a great pillow and making my nights happy.”

Hayley C.

“I have been using my Peace Pillow for 3 weeks now, and must say I have noticed a big difference in the mornings, no more sore neck and tight shoulder muscles. I have tried a few pillows, but this is truly the best.
Many Thanks.”

Angela O. Wairoa

“I love my Peace Pillow, it is the best investment I ever made :O)”

Bernie, Palmerston North

“I bought myself a Peace Pillow about 6 months ago and I just love it. I no longer wake in the morning with a sore neck and tight sore shoulders. I’d been raving about it so much my husband decided to try it, so this week he’s been using MY Peace Pillow and he’s not snored once!!! Its such an easy cure for his snoring, I’ve just ordered him one of his own.
Bloody marvellous!!!!!

Thanks Peace Pillow


A contented well rested customer.

“Since my investment in a ‘Peace’ pillow, and the excellent treatment from Elaine, my neck problems have improved dramatically, as have my hours of sleep, that are these days uninterrupted, and extremely peaceful! Although my new pillow took a little time to adjust to, I now find that the dynamics of its shape mould to my shoulder/neck, resulting in the correct posture during sleep.
One of my best investments this year!”

Grant F. Torbay

“I just wanted to thank you for your helpful and prompt service. The pillow arrived yesterday and I slept on it last night. Frankly I’m amazed at the difference after just one night! No stiff neck this morning, no head ache and my back even feels better. Many thanks.”

R. James, Wellington

“That pillow you secured for me is something else, its design and materials are quite brilliant, I have never experienced anything quite like it, thanks again.”

Tony Jennings, Auckland

“Many thanks for the prompt delivery of an excellent product which arrived yesterday. I had an accident and broke a bone in my neck a couple of weeks ago and last night is the first time I have slept without pain. Long may it continue!
Thanks again.”

Lynne Roberts, Katikati

“I love, love, love my Peace Pillow”

Rhoda Scherman, Milford

“I love my Peace Pillow!”

Margaret Buckley, Operau

“I can sleep on my back and side with no pain and get a great nights sleep. No more ache and pains in the morning. I can even sleep the whole night on one side and never feel the need to move. I love it!”

Keri, Auckland

“At last a great pillow.
For a number of weeks I have been waking up with a very stiff neck which was giving me considerable discomfort. I contributed my neck problem to my inability to organise my pillow into a comfortable position for a restful night’s sleep.
My wife had recently read an article about a new product called the Peace Pillow. I duly purchased a Peace Pillow and immediately noticed the considerable difference in comfort it gave me. The stiffness in my neck has decreased remarkably and I now have no discomfort at all.
I would therefore highly recommend the Peace Pillow. For me the benefit I have received from using the Peace Pillow has been well worth the price”.

Jim Heppleston, North Shore