Good Sleep Posture

In order to maintain good health and wellbeing we require good quality sleep.

By offering real comfort and excellent support to the neck, Peace Pillow Connect™ in conjunction with good sleep posture, help the whole body relax and make the most of a nights rest.

Do you:

  • Continuously adjust your pillows at night and pull them in to your neck to provide some support?
  • Twist and turn during the night ending up with an arm under your head to bolster your pillow?
  • Sleep with one leg pulled up and the other straight?

Peace Pillows unique design can help a wide range of people enjoy better sleep:

Side Sleepers

Lie on your side in a foetal position with your knees together and bent comfortably.

The raised neck roll of the Peace Pillow should be directly under your neck and the lower shoulder is tucked under the front edge of the pillow. Your head will rest beyond the neck roll and the memory foam of the Peace Pillow will mould to your shape .

Back Sleepers

Lie with your head on the lower flat part of the Peace Pillow with the raised edge under the neck. Allow your shoulders to slide up into the space under the pillow to sit comfortably and free of tension.

To get the maximum support we suggest shrugging your shoulders gently several times to ensure they are fully relaxed and tucked deeply under the roll.

Front Sleepers

Lie on your side and turn the Peace Pillow 45 degrees down the bed.

Now straighten your bottom leg and bend the top one so your pelvis rolls forward. Next move the bottom shoulder back, so the arm lies out behind you. Your upper shoulder and arm will naturally drop forward.

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