Nanodream pillow covers made in NZ – a natural revolutionary barrier against dust mites.

Asthma and allergies in NZ

  • New Zealand has one of the highest asthma and allergy rates in the world
  • One in four New Zealand children have asthma*
  • One in six New Zealanders are affected by asthma*
  • One in every 200 deaths is due to asthma*
  • Asthma costs NZ $800M – $1 billion per annum – 50% of this cost is from 10% of patients – usually Maori and Pacific Island children from low socio-economic circumstances*
  • 550,000 lost school days per year associated with asthma Household dust mites

Dust mites in NZ

  • House dust mites are microscopic creatures, less than half a millimetre long (typically 300 micro meters)
  • They live in most human environments, thriving in warm moist places such as pillows, bedding and carpets.
  • They feed mainly on flaked-off dead skin
  • Their faeces, which are small and light (20-30 micrometers), get into the air easily and can provoke a strong allergic response when inhaled
  • Household dust mites are the most common allergen and asthma trigger for NZ children
  • NZ has the highest dust mite populations in their houses in the World.