It’s no secret that good sleep provides better function at work and home, along with even better fitness and athletic performance. The National Sleep Foundation released a poll taken in 2015 that clearly indicated quality of life is far better for those who had a good night of sleep of at least seven hours. (1314)

The National Sleep Foundation recommends the following amount of sleep for varying age groups: (15)

  • Newborns: 14–17 hours
  • Infants: 12–15 hours
  • Toddlers 11–14 hours
  • Preschoolers 10–13 hours
  • School-aged children: 9–11 hours
  • Teens: 8–10 hours
  • Adults: 7–9 hours
  • Older adults: 7–8 hours

Planning your morning ritual, and sticking to it regularly is an important way of setting you up for your day ahead.
Try and wake up naturally without an alarm.
Start with a fresh glass of water.
Stretch, and really breathe!!
Hold off using any digital devices for as long as you can.
Have 5 minutes to yourself, light a candle listen to music…before the chores, family and busy day begins..