Newsflash: Muscles tone up when they are engaged! The more we engage them, the more they tone up.

The common image of a gym fanatic pumping iron, with bulging veins and wild eyes is one way, but there are many other ways to strengthen and improve muscle tone. Running, cycling and walking are all good but even if you stand behind a counter at work all day you can still take steps to improve your muscle tone (and posture). Wait for it: Slightly bend your knees! This takes the load off locked out joints and transfers it to the muscle. Hey presto you are (in a very quiet way) working out. Engaging muscle tones muscle. Remember even gym instructors now favour ‘the plank’ (where you support yourself on elbows and toes while keeping your body as straight as a…plank). No movement but one heck of a workout! So if you are looking for easy ways to improve core strength just keep your abs tight, it improves your posture and relieves pressure on your back. Best of all you can do it anywhere and you don’t need a leotard!